YSE Saint Laur’ant – Warm Wind Brewing (Original Mix) [DISCO]

YSE Saint Laur’ant – Warm Wind Brewing

Released by Whiskey Disco, a sample-heavy label, in 2012 ‘Warm Wind Brewing’ is a mouth-watering appetizer for a peak summer set. Nightmare On Wax created its demand when he dropped it in the warm up to his Boiler Room London set. Ever since, the price for the Beards EP has shot up on Discogs. Upon first listen, one cannot help but be transported to the picturesque seaside of a deluxe southern France resort. Mature in its restraint, sensual melodies combine the soundtracks of a 1960s New Wave film with the late 70s West Coast Yachtpop.

The potency of the tracks comes from its gracing of the slower tempo. Clocking-in at 101 BPM, its hard to imagine that the original could retain its excellence at an increased speed. Rather, the slacken pace creates an aura of tranquillity that fosters an experience that is loosening. Sumptuous strings sampled from American composer Henry Mancini’s 1961 release ‘Lujon’ leisurely skate around the ears of the listener like a pair of skaters. The kick is actively involved yet never demands your attention, rather granting the main stage performance to the soundscapes aided by slight nuances of guitar strolls. Brusque moments that omit the kick let the bongos play out before the absorbing vibe ensues.

YSE Saint Laur’ant is surprisingly an arcane originator for a track crafted to inaugurate social conversation. Hailing from East Midlands he has now found his dwelling in the Middle East. This sense of the longing for the tepid Mediterranean wind is reflected in the track, as suggested by its title. Belonging to the catalogue of a subgenre that can be classified as Slomodisco, its Balearic tones mollifies the mind. This is a sonical Yacht Trip for the broke. In such, ‘Warm Wind Brewing’ is the tangerine slice to the Sangria cocktail of a summer afternoon party.

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