Will DiMaggio – Fusion (Broadcast Mix) [HOUSE]

Will DiMaggio – Fusion (Broadcast Mix)

When asked by The Ransom Note, Brooklyn producer Will DiMaggio responded ‘I’ll puree soups or sauces in it — works great. I’ve mixed dough in one of those joints, you can do whatever with them.’ As outlandish it may seem to mix dough it comes as no surprise. His audacity to mix elements of Jazz, Boogie, Soul, Hip Hop and Deep house could’ve gone wrong. In this case it’s earned him dividends. His first breakout ‘Fusion( Broadcast Mix)’ is a deep dive into the mind of a man who loves to jam. A 2016 release on Future Times, it’s also a breakaway from his volatile Bass cuts as JAW JAM. Like these Pharrell or NEXT bootlegs, R&B takes the centre stage as it blossoms into a classy appetiser.

Built around a 112’s ‘Anywhere‘ sample, it’s a delightful boogie down track as the vocal repeats ‘Until Your Body Fails’. It’s poignant, stirring about real laid back vibes. The drums, sounding completely live, underscore the desire to have this as a free-jazz session. It’s still a jam that can be used on the dancefloor regardless of its rogue nature. Some insane keyboard work is on display using what it seems the most Casio-like synthesiser in existence. It all feels very late 80s, which would make sense as he lives with fellow House music oddball producers hailing from the States such as Anthony Naples. The spurts and random jazz throes that have that futuristic tinge are complemented beautifully with the live bass tones. Ambient synth chords as well as descending horns help with the sunny aura. It’s like Koop & The Gang wanted to make their infamous jam a bit jacked.

Will’s LP ‘At Ease‘ was a showcase in more freewheeling Funkesizer goodness. Analogue synths are given the spotlight to show their eternal value with the care of Space Dimension Controller or Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock-era. It shows that whatever he was honing on during the time he was away from making music as Jaw Jam it was working. This track is surefire to keep things spicy during the middle of a house set at a sunny Studio 338.

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