Vladimir Dubyshkin – Who’s Your Daddy [TECHNO]

Vladimir Dubyshkin – Who’s Your Daddy

Most electronic music heads will only know of a few artists hailing from Russia such as Andrey Pushkarev, Nina Kraviz or Anton Zap. Scratch under the surface however, and you’ll find some of the most gripping music within the genre. Step forth Vladimir Dubyshkyn. It took me a good year to discover Overland Trip on Dubfire’s 2017 Timewarp Mix. And boy was I happy. The track paints a picture of a Journey on the Trans Siberian Railways. Not a surprise as he hails from Tambov, 450km South East of Moscow. Powerful and showcasing the splendour of the Russian wilderness. It’s a unique track in the way it is expansive like a Ben Klock track but just as driving as Adam Beyer. Stefan Goldmann released this absolute weapon of mass destruction on his Macro Recordings. The A2 ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ however brings about extraordinary amplification of dancefloor derangement.

The Macro Bandcamp describes Vladimir’s tracks ‘Highly energetic, rave-infested analog techno with de-tuned melodies rubbing against take-no-prisoners basslines. There is an intense emotional component present at all times, typically missing in contemporary grayscale techno.’ It’s this last part about greyscale techno you can certainly agree about with the way that the bass is more pulsing than the cavernous ‘business techno’ of Amelie Lens and Regal. It is very similar to Mi Estuando by Chris Leibing affiliate Pfirter, however it’s taken a 1L red bull. Kicking off at a modest 135 bpm it sends waves of instant panic. Alongside it is a distorted arcade beat which moves at such pace when filtered it sounds like its been thrown about in a washing machine. Pulsing lasers propel the track into Disturbia even more, before a child vocal saying ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ loops back and forth hypnotically. The tableau created brings complete inertia to anyone dancing to this.

Vladimir has been released on a few Trip Records compilations alongside Bjarki, Population One and Nikita Zabelin. This release is the first being his full vinyl, though by listening to his other tracks like ‘Concrete‘ he sounds like he’s been making music since the dawn of time. Russia seems to always be steeped in an on edgy mood due to the political nature of the country. This track will certainly push the dancefloor to the edge.

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