Ultracity – Lonely (Ultracity Shadow Dub) [HOUSE]

Ultracity – Lonely (Ultracity Shadow Dub)

If haven’t seen the 2014 film ‘Eden‘, directed by Mia Hansen-Løve then you’re missing out. Telling a story of Paul, a Daft Punk contemporary, it follows his journey of discovering house music. From hearing Larry Levan’s exports to pursuing his dream of being a world touring DJ. All throughout there’s a touch of French melancholia. The soundtrack of the movie is absolutely banging. You can check it out here

In particular, there is one scene where Paul plays a freshly released ‘One More Time’ to an ecstatic crowd at Moma Ps1. This Ultacity Shadow Dub could have easily substituted for the early 2000’s French House power hit that claimed the crown of the underground scene. 

The track’s component is the infectious 3 chord loop. It powers through, supported by a thumping kick and reverb-heavy echoing vocals. Its an unashamedly 1990s sound. Emanating good vibes and a groove that is easy to dance too, this is a gem that is a weapon for a DJ performing in an outside environment.

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