Tronik Youth – Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix) [INDUSTRIAL DISCO]

Tronik Youth – Never Said, I Never Said (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)

The underground world needs to finally recognise the puissance of Cabaret Nocturne. Belgian DJ & producer releases some of the most audacious tracks available at your favourite record store. A proponent of “dark disco” (according to the artist’s official page), Raphael de Sauvage’s discography shares a collective industrial, machinery-inspired underlining tone that is hallucinogenic. His most well-received release to date has been the slow punk masterpiece ‘Blind Trust’ – a track that still features in sets of top track-selector like Job Jobse.

This ‘Never Said, I Never Said’ remix shows the power of his signature, dark basslines. Pulsating with the menace of Ennio Morricone’s ‘The Thing’ OST, it would serve its duty as the opening track to the headlining Printworks’ set. The dawdling ,reverberating synth signals its triumphant command over the soundwaves, ever-increasing in its intensity throughout.
 Sauvage’s production often incorporates a drum pattern that is closely aligned with live instrumentation. In such, his releases always receive an ecstatic response from the crowd when played in a set. The midpoint of the track gives the listener a short time to breathe, before drawing them back to the cortex of recondite sounds.

It is worth nothing that the Cabaret Nocturne is a veteran to the scene, his material tracking back all the way back to 1996. Take some time to listen through his catalogue and you will find an assortment of emeralds in track format. Yet, the events schedule of his on Resident Advisor remains to be humble, certainly for the architect of such heavyweight bangers. The cruel irony of life sometimes leaves you in the audience hearing another DJ play your track to a big festival crowd. We, for one, hope that the deities of the electronic underground scene shine upon the Rotten City Files avenger in the near future.

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