Trixx – Jesse Bru [TECH-HOUSE]

Hailing from Vancouver, Jesse Bru drops an epic Deep Tech cut that will make one reflect while dancing. The vocal from the track, an excerpt from a movie, talks about when somebody asks you for the truth that you were already wanted to share it’s much more powerful than saying it yourself. With it’s grooves crescendoing in different directions, it feels as though this track is in a constant state of wonder. It can bring out the listeners best self, as well as the dancefloors.

With Fred P like chords, thundering into the track are some powerful low end minor synths which echo a panache. Its like watching a beautiful storm cloud form close by, showing off it’s divine formations. Few minutes in, the sub bass is turned up 10 notches, bringing in a Titian force sure to blow the socks off the listener. Two intertwining pads then combine, forcing you to ensure your head is stimulated as much as your body. Yes there’s a lot going on but it’s a gorgeous, driving sound palette.

The EP cover is that of a paved road, curved at the sides. Perhaps the person who took the photo is intoxicated and has a case of tunnel vision. Or draws inspiration from the planets of an alternate reality found in a bonus level of Sonic The Hedgehog game. Jesse Bru’s Trixx certainly brings out that Sonic The Swashbuckler in this track, making one want to slide from one side of the dance floor to the other. One for DJs to bring some piercing energy to the mix.

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