Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [TECHNO]

Traversable Wormhole – Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Marcel Dettmann’s remix of Adam X’s original track is what it is – a song so perfectly crafted for the dance floor. It’s more brash than a Trump-Kanye lovechild. Released in 2010 on Chris Liebing’s CLR label as part of a series of EPs, it really does make you feel like you’re in a Closed Timelike Curve, surrounded by a pounding bass.

Built for industrial venues like Berghain, the track is brutal, setting off in a ferentic pace. Half the composition is based around a single note, but what a note it is. A tsunami of Sub bass and mids pound at your ears with a mission brief to terminate on sight. In the right context everyone loves a crashing symbol. And the one on display is letting you know of it’s needed presence. Like that loud person waltzing in with a slab of beer at a house party.

Theoretically, a Closed Timeline Curve literally “drags” spacetime along with it. In this case, you’re not just being dragged. You’re pushed into a “what the heck did my ears just witness” state.

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