tINI – Blond Galipette (Martin Buttrich Remix) [TECH-HOUSE]

tINI – Blond Galipette (Martin Buttrich Remix)

Mixmag recently published an article regarding the homogenisation of Tech House. Ironically, the article’s author himself produces music that is fairly detached from the Underground scene. ‘Passable Tech House’ it has been dubbed, due to what Toolroom Records boss Mark Knight describes as a writers block of sorts, no one willing to take any risks. In it, Mannheim legend Nicky Curly labeled some of the curations as ‘repackaged EDM’. Taking a quick scroll of the output in question and you’ll be hard pressed to disagree. Amongst the constantly rising muck, however, you’ll always have your disruptive producers. One as such is Martin Buttrich. An engineer for Loco Dice as well as the rest of the Desolat crew, the German is one of the finest machinists in the genre. Remixing tINI’s Desolat-released ‘Blond Galipatte’, shows his brimming engineering skills on full display, as well as a penchant for groove. Dropped in 2013, it’s a fattened version of the original’s Minimal threadbare leanings.

Martin mentions his love for presets in an interview with Native Instruments, describing the easy use of Maschine. Using a simple preset percussion loop to get things kicking, automatically gets things rocking. It is similar to the bongo like percussion played in Clarian’s 2012 Life and Death release ‘Shine’. Thumped with the conviction of a Papua New Guinean tribal ensemble playing a war dance tune. A heavy lashing of reverb ensures it is ready for a Big Room Junction 2 festival vibes, as much as tINI & the Gang Ibiza beach parties. The more you listen, the more soundscape elements you can pick up. The hats sound of a tick ticking clock, starry keyboard stabs glimmer. Zipping alien and radar noises are bleeping in and out. Cut from the cloth of a TB-303, the undulating dense bass then marshalls it’s way to the front of the pack. Sequenced in the same beat pattern as the original, sampling female French vocals, and a playful chopped vocal seen on a Martinez Brothers‘ track keeps the listener on their toes.

Martin frequently collaborates with other artists, and is quoted to only like being in the studio with someone else. Joint Custody EP, his collaboration with The Martinez Brothers, Mathew Jonson & Jerome Sydenham, was one of the EP projects of 2017. Fully mastering the production side of course culminated in him being one of the most sought after live acts. This B2B with Guti in the Mixmag Labs is a showcase of that. Like other famed Tech House DJs Butch and Davide Squillace, Martin likes to play things simple but experimental, but never brash. He’s come a long way since his early days of clubbing in the 1990s Hannover.

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