Timothy J. Fairplay – Pure Hex (Original Mix) [ELECTRO]

Timothy J. Fairplay – Pure Hex (Original Mix)

Timothy J. Fairplay has always considered himself to be an outsider. In the 2013 interview with FACT magazine, Fairplay claimed to be a contrarian. Such a left field approach is none more evident than in his musical output, which plated in eccentricity and outré. Pure Hex retains such signature caprice while offering a bangers that’s a universal floor-filler. Released last year on the Nocta Numerica label, its unashamedly extraterrestrial. Like other label’s contemporary releases, the ambience created by the track is akin to a Nicolas Winding Refn OST. All the while maintaining an energy that is enticing in vein similar to Smith N Hack’s track ‘Falling Stars

The artwork featuring a 1980s television set up is a perfect embodiment of the track’s substance. Immediately you’re introduced to synths that sound similar to a martian raygun. The production is a love letter to the decade’s now infamous B-side sci-fi flicks. Fairplay is the spiritual successor of the early Legowelt sound. Like his forefather, the producer is particularly fond of an analogue set up. His ‘In The Studio’ session gives a glimpse of Fairplay’s Shoreditch studio (shared with Andrew Weatherall). The producers studio, packed with gear, makes you appreciate how organic his sound truly is. Yet, the whole irony rests on the fact the soundscapes are machinery. His EP is after all titled ‘An Introduction To Consumer Electronics’.

Sven Väth shed some light on the artists latest release by featuring the wonderfully titled ‘Birthday Celebrations At Utrecht Space Disco’ on his most recent Mixmag cover mix. On their own Timothy J. Fairplay’s releases are weird and kooky. However, introduce them in the right context and you’ll discover that its quirkiness is captivating. As discovered in a YouTube comment, when Papa Sven recently introduced ‘Pure Hex’ at Watergate Berlin, the crowd went nuts. While its producer will forever remain an enigma, one can only marvel at his wizardry.

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