Wulf’N’Bear – Raptures of the Deep [TECH-HOUSE]

One of the first releases on famed Leeds based label 2020 Vision, Ralph Lawson’s Wulf’N’Bear project released a cut loved by DJs all over. According to Ralph, ‘we received a fax from Stacey Pullen in Detroit saying he loved the track—and we stuck it on the studio wall, we were that buzzing! Then Derrick May came to play in Leeds, where we lived, and he played it, and Derrick Carter came to play our club Back to Basics and he also played it.’ You can see why such big names loved this track by the then little know artist.

Starting of with some distant percussion sounds, and echoed synths like birds zooming above the rainforest canopy, a tribal drum pattern kicks in. The tribal chanting in the background is complemented by the murky synth that’s faded in. The bleeps added in are as though the beings greeting you at the extraterrestrial planet you’re visiting, are caught in a rapture, just as the title suggests. But it’s the dubby bass that gives the track the deepness to the happy vibes emanated.

I first heard the murkier Craig Richards remix of this entrancing track on Raresh’s Fabric mix, and you can see why it is one of his favourite tracks ‘Raw’, it is the perfect complement to any tech house DJ’s set.

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