Liaison D. – He Chilled Out (Club Mix) [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]

 Liaison D. – He Chilled Out (Club Mix)

Though the rhapsody of 1990s rave culture is no longer with us, its spirit lives on through the sets & releases of current DJs. One of the most important relics left behind is John Digweed and Sasha’s Northern Exposure mix released in 1996. The iconic release oozes transcendental essence that was so prominent throughout the decade. Exceptional mixing is combined with an inclusion of some refreshing selection of tracks. It is in such a context, that Liaison D. – He Chilled Out feels almost like a lost track from the duo’s mix. The new age-influenced intro ambience mirrors Keiichi Suzuki’sSatellite Serenade‘ used by the DJs as their opening track.

The track is featured in Ellen Allien b2b Blawan BBC Radio 1 Residency Mix. It is rightly placed as the entrée of the iconic set. This allows the track to show its ability to create a grand atmosphere rooted in a language that speaks directly to the clubbing culture. The vocals used tell of a story influenced by the biblical book of Genesis. Only here, God forms  the world of dance, until he chills on the seventh. The message of the track is transcending and also eternal. Which is why the track is just as effective when played in 2018 as it was back at its release

Its almost symbolic that the leading members of Liaison D collective all faded out of the music scene by the end of the 1990s. With the exception of Sven van Hees, whose music takes a much more live instrumentation approach these days. The producers’ identity was deeply encapsulated in the decade. The production manifesting the sound of the 90s in their every release. Yet, this is what makes He Chilled Out a stand out track. It educates the new generation of ravers about the legacy of the forefathers, while bringing a nostalgic smile to those who experienced it in the flesh.

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