The Abstract Eye – Nobody Else [TECHNO]

The Abstract Eye – Nobody Else

Listening to The Lily Mercer show on Rinse FM, my ears were enchanted by the alieness when this track dropped. Kelela’s ‘The High’ was the name, produced by none other than LA native Gifted & Blessed. Also releasing under GB, The Reflektor, Frankie Reyes and Julian Abelar, the man is Nikola Tesla levels of genius. Just check this Resident Advisor Live Analog Session and you’ll see a man at the forefront of invention and creativity within the realms of melodic electro. Dropped on the The Cool Warm Devine EP released on Valentine Connection Records in 2011, ‘Nobody Else’ is a cosmic concoction of Acid, Techno, Electro and Deep House. It went a bit under the radar though, until its rerelease on Rush Hour Recordings.

Fittingly with the title, it’s the contrasting sounds of the track that help make the mind ascend. It’s a combative composition with the keys slapped at an absurd pace. This icy cold nature helps give the ‘cool’ part of the name for the LP. The mix gives it a starring role making sure your ear fully notices its presence. Growing up in the same area as Dr. Dre must have helped influence the programming of the bass as the squelchy erratic Bass is overflowing with funk. Peppered with hints of acid to add extra spice, overlaid are downtempo ambient chords to really bring about the warm moods. Vakula and Aybee are other producers who make these glitchy sorts of tracks, so simple yet difficult to make. This one’s made with ease it appears however.

Released on Hip Hop legend Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw Records, ‘Flor de Azalea’ under his Frankie Reyes guise is another innovative cut that bolsters Latin minimalist tango. It sounds like an electronic 8-bit salsa track. This avant garde style shows his love for world music sounds. Taking this to another realm, his Technoindigenous EP combines the spiritual with the technological. ‘Nobody Else’ seems to straddles all 3 themes to nauseating effects. Play this on the dancefloor to see things get a bit weird.