Luca Maniaci – Nebula (Vincent Hole Remix) [TECHNO]

Luca Maniaci – Nebula (Vincent Hole Remix)

Nebulas are a reason why one could believe in God. Heavenly in aesthetic, the grandeur sweeping designs make one ponder whether there truly is a master creator beyond this. Delicate but all consuming on the outside, look further in and there’s much more that meets the eye. And that’s exactly what you get on Vincent Hole’s interpretation of this track. Released in 2017 on Luca Maniaci’s EP of the same name by Mind Games Recordings, it’s a bass driven belter. What makes it peerless however is the bleepy melody levitating over the top. A track that would’ve been a great addition to this titanic Sonar 2018 DJ Nobu B2B Ben Klock set.

There’s a time and place for everything. This cut’s time and place is reserved for the most exuberant peaktime only. It pummels in at a fathomable 131bpm like a raging bull on speed. Herculean bass attacks your ears on a double time beat. Instantly propelling the dancer into a rigidly locked groove. Just as a Nebula is chock full of dust, gas and other spectral substances, this track is full of Hats. The way the 3 intersect, all sounding distinctly different yet choreographed in unison, is remarkable. Hole takes the melodic bleeps from the original and simplifies them by creating an affianced loop. Then midway through the cut he cleverly inverts the loop before bringing the bass back in. Bonafide crowdpleasing move. The added sirens echoed haze in the background to complete the track’s galactic feel.

Luca seems to be yet another Italian producing the goods, cut from the same cloth as Donato Dozzy, Tale of Us and Sam Paganini. With the recent Kappa Futur festival once again demonstrating its majesty, the Italian underground scene looks livelier then ever. This strain however of relentless techno, pushed by the likes of Sleeparchive or Oscar Mulero is punishing. This cut is a pulsating rapid fire and groggy track, yet remains regal and profound. Just like a Nebula.

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