V – Mon Vieil Amour [NU-DISCO]

V - Mon Vieil Amour (Original Mix) [NU-DISCO/80s]V – Mon Vieil Amour

According to Soundcloud, nobody truly knows V, the face behind this killer, melodic track. Some claim V to be a Belgian with an EBM heritage, others, a nomad from outer Prussia. If you let music do the talking, then V – Mon Vieil Amour is a 80s influenced nu-disco floor-filler. It definitely pumps the melody into your heartbeat. Reverb-heavy claps follow a pulsating kick, while plays around with a range of tasty layers of synths and arps.

A track that can equally be used to increase the BPM during the warm up, as it can to maintain the vibes mid-set. It can be best understood as a track that you’ll replay in the morning after a great night out to put a nostalgic smile on your face.

M.K. VII – Dial Theory (Tony’s Slice) [HOUSE]

M.K. VII – Dial Theory (Tony’s Slice) [HOUSE] 1990s New York House Artwork. This is a banger.M.K. VII – Dial Theory (Tony’s Slice)

Not to be confused with Marc Kinchen, Sweden-based M.K. VII (also known as Mark Seven) has been releasing music since the late 90s. Fast-forward to 2016 and you’ll find that the spirit of the 90s NY house scene has remained to be an integral part of M.K’s production.

The vocal sample is based around the recreation of a telephone conversation cut up live on NYC Kiss FM’s legendary Tony Humphries. It feels like a nostalgic throwback to the golden era of New York’s underground scene. The layering of the track is simple, yet effective. Synths sprinkle down halfway through to mark the subtle excitement of knowing that memories will be made. The track is perfect to play when marking the transition from your warm up to the main event of your night out.