Leon Vynehall – Blush [HOUSE]

Leon Vynehall's 'Blush' is one of his tracks that are perfect for a Saturday night Secrectsundaze at The Pickle Factory.Pure bliss house music from the Manchester DJ and producer. This is a banger.

Leon Vynehall – Blush

Leon Vynehall’s ‘Drinking It In Again’ is one of our tracks of 2018. The Downtempo chilled jazz affair is so dope, Jazz aficionados will be surprised it was made by a House Producer. Leon has a knack for great experimentalism as seen in his first LP Just for House. For his second LP however he created ambient intro and outro encasing a smorgasbord of functional dancefloor house bangers. A 2016 Running Back release, Rojus (Designed to Dance) it was called and it’s the Lithuanian word for Paradise. Being the only track to play at 45 on the vinyl, Blush sums up why it got this title.

Shimmering wooden flute sounds like those heard on a Disney Classic cartoon music flutter in. The Brighton producer then uses a kick drum brimming at a 1-2 pace. Single note piano keys are plonked, before cut and played down on the minor. Like on Premiesku’s Bucur (See our review), Blush takes you sky high into the jungle. A sample of a wild cat roaring precedes the hastening of the track by use of the sweeping stringed synths. It’s like the synths in Vakula’s Different Tone but played on a major. It sounds gorgeous, like seeing world off the edge of a waterfall edge. Sending the dancefloor tumbling then rolls in the bass which motivates an anthem groove. The ‘Ohhhh’ vocal is elongated sung at a higher octave to take the track to a farther place. It feels primal, and soulful. Continue reading

Mountain People – 6.3 [DEEP HOUSE]

Mountain People - 6.3 [DEEP HOUSE] Excellent release from the mysterious DJ collective hailing from Switzerland. This is a banger.Mountain People – 6.3

6.3, a 2008 digital only release on their own label, remind one that Swiss Mountain People surely must be in the top 5 of Deep House music producers. Always consistent, and carrying a dancefloor minded boogie. We’ve seen both Fred P and Youandewan drop 11.2 at The Pickle Factory and let’s just say the crowd didn’t know what hit the. The low slung nature of their productions make the listener feel hazily relaxed. Use of synths however show their mastery at piercing the deepest depths of ones mind.

Gorgeous and petite kick drums sound straight out the school of Matthew Herbert, and are classy yet understated knowing it’s position on the team just as a comms master in a spy thriller. On a team however, just like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s always the ‘main attraction’. The synth is so beautiful it’s like a lovechild of all winning Victoria Secret models in one. Regal and grandeur it sweeps across your ears like an eagle high up in the alps from one mountain to the next. Continue reading