Benjamin Damage – Up (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Benjamin Damage's 'Up' is a corker of a melodic techno track with some trance influence, and makes any set a memorable one. This 50 Weapons record label release certainly will get you ‘Up’ should you even be sober. Great Original Mix from the Belgian DJ  and producer.

Benjamin Damage – Up

The benefit of a Trance-tinged techno cut is that it can give a monumental lift to a set. In the same way that a Balearic soulful track melody does to a house set. Pig&Dan are probably the best in the game at making Techno-Trance hybrids that often grace fiery dancefloors. Such envisioning conceived by Benjamin Damage certainly helps thrust the clubs skywards to the highest levels of Paradise. A 2014 release on the now defunct 50 Weapons label, it motorcades enough bass to puncture readying chests. No wonder it featured on Illusive’s ‘Best of 2014’ list.

Lifting off from the start, the track is assembled with complete nuance. Due to Damage’s beginnings in the UK Bass scene, everything is programmed to a T. The drums are tightly knit. It ensures a small club can make the most of its impact as much as the Tomorrowland Festival main stage could. That UK Bass experience comes in handy with the low ends pounding. As though he’s just testing you, dribbles of the synth chords patter in. Getting more panoramic by the count, the track reaches full lift off. Like a NASA rocket ship taking off from Earth, the track then strips down the drums and bass for a exhilarating shower of synths. Clustered and twisted like the Greek mythology’s monster Hydra it displays its arms at full rage. It certainly will get you ‘Up’ should you even be sober. Continue reading

Sedvs / Peel – Still On (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Sedvs / Peel - Still On (Original Mix) TechnoSedvs / Peel – Still On (Original Mix)

Trance is definitely back in the scene. Over the past few years, it has been creeping its way more and more into the sets of prominent techno DJs, who’ve previously played it with abandon prior to the minimal explosion of the mid-naughties. Like this track, more and more techno tracks are incorporating trance-like, euphoric elements, (Stephan Bodzin’s remix of The Beginning is a great example) helping bring more panned soundscapes to the minds of club goers. And its certainly clear as to why.

An eeriness to the track is certainly felt, kicking off with a minor key, alien like sub bass akin to that of Goa-Trance. The difference with these type of tracks and that of actual, pure Trance, is that there is no ‘peak’ breakdown of a track, and a subsequent drop. These elements made it easier for original trailblazers such as Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, among others, to make an easy transition that followed the eruption of EDM.

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Liaison D. – He Chilled Out (Club Mix) [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]

Throwback Thursday: Liaison D. - He Chilled Out (Club Mix) [TECHNO-TRANCE] Vinyl Record Cover. This is a banger. 
Liaison D. – He Chilled Out (Club Mix)

Though the rhapsody of 1990s rave culture is no longer with us, its spirit lives on through the sets & releases of current DJs. One of the most important relics left behind is John Digweed and Sasha’s Northern Exposure mix released in 1996. The iconic release oozes transcendental essence that was so prominent throughout the decade. Exceptional mixing is combined with an inclusion of some refreshing selection of tracks. It is in such a context, that Liaison D. – He Chilled Out feels almost like a lost track from the duo’s mix. The new age-influenced intro ambience mirrors Keiichi Suzuki’sSatellite Serenade‘ used by the DJs as their opening track.

The track is featured in Ellen Allien b2b Blawan BBC Radio 1 Residency Mix. It is rightly placed as the entrée of the iconic set. This allows the track to show its ability to create a grand atmosphere rooted in a language that speaks directly to the clubbing culture. The vocals used tell of a story influenced by the biblical book of Genesis. Only here, God forms  the world of dance, until he chills on the seventh. The message of the track is transcending and also eternal. Which is why the track is just as effective when played in 2018 as it was back at its release Continue reading