Artbat – Wall (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Artbat - Wall (Original Mix) [TECHNO] Suara, Coyu's label bring this banger from the Ukranian DJ duo.

Artbat – Wall (Original Mix)

Awakenings Festival is renowned for introducing its crowds to pulsating techno anthems. Headlining DJs like Amelie Lens, Len Faki & Rebekah cater to the high-octane atmosphere by tending to bring their most thunderous finds in the crate. Artur and Batish, better recognised by their stage name Artbat, know how to create a banger that enraptures the breathless crowd with its elevating linear progression. If we were to select one track to strike while the iron is hot, then surely this nuclear bomb by the Kiev duo would be in contention for our pick.

The essence of continuous build up makes this an archetype track for the mainstage, that may carbonate across the sets of titans including Richie Hawtin. With the Plastikmann using the duo’s releases to compliment his sets before, such a top-tier endorsement witnesses to the quality of their production. A rippling synth line, drenched in reverb and supported by an anchored kick initiate the proceedings. Think Alex Metric with a shade of Denis Horvat. All this leads up to a drop around the 3 minute mark that shatters with the annihilation of the Cloverfield monster. What proceeds is an unabiating odyssey through the undiscovered edges of the galaxy, all the while supported by sensuous female vocals and Mind Against-style synth eruptions. As the final sweep completes the outro, the Martian voyage closes its chapter. Continue reading