Sasha – True ft Dems (Michael Mayer Remix) [DEEP TECH]

Sasha - True ft Dems (Michael Mayer Remix) [DEEP TECH] DJ Album Cover

Sasha – True ft Dems (Michael Mayer Remix)

After last year’s banger Out of Time was released on Kompakt, it was only a matter of time before another team up happened. This time the prog don track Sasha – True is remixed by the mighty Michael Mayer. What we get from this remix is a truly compelling deep tech experience. Last Night On Earth label boss has always been know for his aesthetic. An immersive underground sound that aims to foster an experience. The context of the club is seen as a place of eureka for the Welsh DJ titan.

Here Mayer expands upon the chorus of the original. Adding a sub bass, a few lashings of extra synth to the fore as well as chopping up the gorgeous vocal from the original. The spirit of the original A track that can be used at a low or high bpm, for many a dance floor moods. Retaining the emotion of the original, but expanding on the dance floor scalability, Mayer’s remix makes an ultimate dance floor weapon. Sure to be in the pockets of Afterlife DJs and the like all this summer long.

Burnski – Another Source (Mandar Remix) [HOUSE]

Burnski - Another Source (Mandar Remix) [HOUSE] Frech DJ Trio Press Shot. This is a banger.

Burnski – Another Source (Mandar Remix) [HO– USE]

Power-house trio Mandar flip Another Source into a tasty, club-centred deep house track that incorporates 1990s ambience onto a heavy sub-bass foundation. Letting the groove breathe for the first four minutes of the track, the producers take the concept of a remix seriously here. In fact, its difficult to recognise the original hearing this interpretation. However, letting the remix take its own direction pays off. The end result is a real banger that deserves some serious replay-value.

Mandar collective includes Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie, and S. A. M aliases. Together, they combine an impressive French-Danish-Dutch crossover origin. With releases such as these, the trailblazers are proving a point that the future of the deep house underground scene is in capable hands. Burnski’s original sounds like a track crafted to pick up the tempo in a lounge environment. You can check it out here.

Daniel Bortz – Pictures (Tuff City Kids Remix) [NU-DISCO]

Daniel Bortz – Pictures (Tuff City Kids Remix)

Tuff City Kids remixes have been on the loop all this week, to an extent where it was hard to select my favourite to feature. However, this ‘Pictures’ remix takes the crown due to its exceptional replay value. A bouncy, progressive nu-disco track that flips the original’s 1980s influenced male vocal into a fun ride made for getting you in good-vibes mood. The enigmatic German DJ duo demonstrate here their ability to flip a track on its head, by adding some arp-filled colour.

While you’re at it, checkout this incredible Tuff City Kids track with one of my favourite female vocalists Annie (you might remember her song ‘Antonio’ from The Guest).

Moscoman – Fernandez (Red Axes Remix) [TECHNO]

Moscoman - Fernandez (Red Axes Remix) [TECHNO] ArtworkMoscoman – Fernandez (Red Axes Remix)

Red Axes are finally getting their due having just come off a gig at Printworks recently. The quality of the Israeli DJs’ output cannot be undermined. This Red Axes remix the Moscoman original is almost a condensed set in one track. A drums-focused, marching band opening is followed by a Dixonian synth-loop which symbolises a hypnotic peak period of the mix. Finally, a trumpet-flowing outro completes the track taking it to the early morning hours of sunrise. This techno track is a perfect case for the existence of 9 minute long track in dance music.

However, the listening experience never feels repetitive or drawn out. In fact, I would happily see a 15 minute edit if it ever came to existence. Truly a track that only electronic underground music lovers know can exist.