Ben Klock – DGTL Amsterdam [HOUSE MIX]

Ben Klock – DGTL Amsterdam

Ben Klock - DKMNTL House Mix 2019

Who would have thought that Ben Klock would drop a set under 130 BPM? Repping the Resident Advisor booth at this year’s DGTL Amsterdam, the Berghain resident delivers a masterful ‘House Set’. DGTL has spread its wings to deliver finely curated festivals under its branding in places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv and as far west as Santiago, Chile. DGTL is known for its cutting-edge ability to blend Music with the Arts. This year’s installation collaboration with Ace & Tate is proof. Seeing as Klock himself is also renowned for his amalgamation of live production and music, as seen in his Photon parties, the set he provides here is one for the ages.

Though it’s been labelled as a ‘House’ set, it can be more accurately described as diluted Techno. Ringing up the curtain with a dark tense beginning, the magician DJ seems to lock a chastening groove over the dancefloor. Dropping Marco Shuttle’s ‘The Moon Chant‘, the Berliner follows up with cuts from the stellar New York label L.I.E.S., as well as Mandingos ‘Another Dub On Earth‘. Succeeding comes DJ Hell’s drum-focused 1998 classic ‘Jack The House’, a nasty malapert track that will send the most rigid of dancers into lunacy. Laying down full on breaks near the half way mark, things go full alien EBM on the Identified Patient’s ‘The Female Medical College Of Pennsylvania‘. Close to the wrap up Klock goes full Berghain mode with Biemsix’s ‘Clear‘ serving some sublime Dub Techno. The German veteran then finishes off with Kevin Yost’s irrepressible, time-transcending track ‘It’s Getting Bigger‘. For those familiar with the Techno titan, the set may feel more flaxen than his usual raucous sound. We see this is a testament to Klock’s savoir faire.

tINI – Awakenings Easter Special 2015 [MIX]

tINI - Awakenings Easter Special 2015 [TECHNO/HO-- USE] If you're a fan of DJs who cover many a genre yet keep things deep like Sonja Moonear or Matthew Dear, look no further, you're in for a treat.tINI – Awakenings Easter Special

If you’re a Techno pilgrim walking down the annual path of brain-warpdom to each major festival, up near the peak of the list will be the Dutch Awakenings Festival. Based in a club that hosts parties, the event is located in Eindhoven, usually at the gloriously imposing and mammoth venue of Gashouder. If you come across tINI & The Gang videos that have featured Daniela La Luz, Bill Patrick or any others of the crew, where tINI made her name, you’ll discover a completely different setting. In this set, however, she delivers an enchanting warm-up set which is more gloopy lava than a forceful flamethrower.

In her recent interview with RA Exchange, the Munich-born DJ states ‘I don’t do sub genre’s, just House and Techno‘. Clinging to the fundamentals, her style transcends all labels and is sedative, if not immersive, at times. Weaving through the dub techno leanings of Moreon and Baffa’s ‘Cloud 15th‘, Terekke’s ‘Bank 3‘ brings a lo-fi filtered Deep House to bring comfort to the ears. An ID-less track on 26 mins brings a East End Dubs like buoyancy that operates with a sensuality due to it’s nonchalant vocal sample. Looking by the amount of ‘Track ID’ comments on Soundcloud, it’s a track which some may sell a liver for. Going a bit left-field on the 40 minute mark is the classic Underground Resistance mix of Maurizio’s ‘Ploy‘. The second half of the mix get’s a bit more jacking and viscous on the drums with bangers by EMG, Mr Tophat & Art Alfie and Paul Jackson. Scattering flakes of trippyness on top, tINI finishes with Josh Wink’s classic ‘Don’t Laugh‘, a track that ironically features a vocal of a guy laughing his head off. Continue reading

Featured Mix: Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute at Unusual Suspects Sankeys Ibiza [Serialism Recordings]

Azimute are a formidable production and DJ duo made of London based Swiss Quenum and Brazil born Berlin based Ceasre vs Disorder. Being a huge fan of Quenum since his 2008 track, Vault Elements, I was really excited to see the blow up of Chisti Cons remix of The Secret would put Azimute productions into the minds of music seekers. As Cocoon put on their notes for their monster 2017 release The Secret EP, they’re ‘no stranger to in-the-know techno heads.’ The mix is certainly one for the heads, and seeing the hypnotic sways of the dance floor in this video it is certainly one for the dancer in mind.

Minimal minded at first, with the dope cavernous ghost like stabs at the 12minute mark leaving you feel these guys have a few bangers up their sleeves. After playing their abstract minimal track, Baltazare, the mix picks up after 20 minutes with a Luciano type tribal track, with a loop of bongos, triangles, white noise shrills and off kilt filtered vocal setting up a fun but tense vibe.

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Featured Mix: Carsten Jost & Lawrence @ Beta Lounge [2002] [MIXES]

Carsten Jost & Lawrence @ Beta Lounge release Anti-Establishment Vol. 1

Carsten Jost & Lawrence @ Beta Lounge

We stumbled upon this mix on a cold wintry Saturday morning earlier this year, and ended up listening to it 3 times over. Yes it’s 3.5 hours you’ll never get back, but 3.5 hours of pure deep house, minimal and tech house bliss.

Starting very downtempo, with a few ambient tracks, then you’re hit with the warm Geoff White’s ‘Hopeless Romantic. This sets the tone for the mix as though being the finest salted caramel to your ears. A John Tejada & Leviste early Pallette Records track the Present of Presence‘ is also another highlight. With its shimmering synth shrills simple guitar strum and basic drum keeping your head locked in the suspense of thought it got you in by title alone. Continue reading