Mountain People – 6.3 [DEEP HOUSE]

Mountain People - 6.3 [DEEP HOUSE] Excellent release from the mysterious DJ collective hailing from Switzerland. This is a banger.Mountain People – 6.3

6.3, a 2008 digital only release on their own label, remind one that Swiss Mountain People surely must be in the top 5 of Deep House music producers. Always consistent, and carrying a dancefloor minded boogie. We’ve seen both Fred P and Youandewan drop 11.2 at The Pickle Factory and let’s just say the crowd didn’t know what hit the. The low slung nature of their productions make the listener feel hazily relaxed. Use of synths however show their mastery at piercing the deepest depths of ones mind.

Gorgeous and petite kick drums sound straight out the school of Matthew Herbert, and are classy yet understated knowing it’s position on the team just as a comms master in a spy thriller. On a team however, just like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s always the ‘main attraction’. The synth is so beautiful it’s like a lovechild of all winning Victoria Secret models in one. Regal and grandeur it sweeps across your ears like an eagle high up in the alps from one mountain to the next. Continue reading

Black Jazz Consortium – Look To The Future [DEEP HOUSE]

Black Jazz Consortium - Look To The Future [DEEP HOUSE] Fred P must have been feeling philosophical when making this cut. ‘Look to the Future’ is a call to action for the listener to dive into a meditate state. This is a banger

Black Jazz Consortium – Look To The Future

Fred Peterkin’s Black Jazz Consortium alias is one he says he uses for making music which resnates exactly how he feels. BJC music is a melting pot of house, tech and jazz making it such a spellbinding project. Look to The Future was a track on his 2007 album RE:Actions of Light released on his Soul People Music label, and in line with all of Fred’s material it’s deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Eerie and extraterrestrial, synths sounding like filtered screeches of a Banshee hovering over earthy low end plodding bass. Peterkin loves a good bongo, and the those played in this track truly bring it to life slamming the other weird elements down with it for dance floor grooving. Ambient pads cruise in underneath a deity like vocal chanting ‘look to the future’. It’s a great amalgamation of jazziness and Michael Mannesque movie soundtrack.

Going by the vocals, Fred must have been feeling a bit philosophical when making this cut. ‘Look to the Future’ is a call to action for the listener to dive into a meditate state. Also Perfect for a low lit dance floor at 5am when the dancers are looking to stay lucid that bit longer.

Trixx – Jesse Bru [TECH-HOUSE]

Trixx - Jesse Bru [TECH-HOUSE] Jesse Bru’s Trixx certainly brings out that Sonic The Swashbuckler in this track, making one want to slide from one side of the dance floor to the other. This is a banger.

Hailing from Vancouver, Jesse Bru drops an epic Deep Tech cut that will make one reflect while dancing. The vocal from the track, an excerpt from a movie, talks about when somebody asks you for the truth that you were already wanted to share it’s much more powerful than saying it yourself. With it’s grooves crescendoing in different directions, it feels as though this track is in a constant state of wonder. It can bring out the listeners best self, as well as the dancefloors.

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