Essentials: Lazare Hoche

Lazare Hoche Essentials Feature Artwork

Lazare Hoche

Growing up in a scene that saw the spirit of the 90s French-house glory days slowly fade away, young Charlie Naffah first-hand witnessed the draught that electronic music was going through in his native city. This was most reflective in the diminishing number of record stores available for the music connoisseurs. Closings of well-loved vinyl shops was not a rare occurrence. Perhaps it’s therefore unsurprising that young Naffah grew up listening to old school 1980s hip hop. It was hearing Move D perform that awakening young Naffah’s interest in electronic music.


Years of education followed, Naffah adopting the moniker Lazare Hoche in honour of the famous 18th century French general. The leader was renowned for his quick-thinking, stern outlook, and ruthlessness. Likewise, Hoche always preferred a self-built approach. Years were spent investing in an analogue-friendly home studio to create a hub of innovation. Then came the establishment of solid relationships with the big players in the underground scene. Finally, a record label was found in 2011 with a vision to promote the renaissance of the Parisian scene. The first release from Stephan Hoellermann was an unexpected success. It’s quoted that German distributor request an order of all available stock. Continue reading

Essentials: Traumprinz

Traumprinz Essentials Feature Techno Deep House Giegling

Essentials: Traumprinz

There is no doubt that Traumprinz, also known by his aliases DJ Metatron and Prince of Denmark, has touched countless listeners with his transcendental fusion of ambient, techno and deep house. Resorting to an enigmatic restrain from the public eye, Traumprinz enraptures the hearts of many through the sole medium of his music. This week’s Essentials feature focuses on the artist, who’s affiliation with the German label Giegling, has elevated the collective to an international recognition. Though a recent interview has revealed that the producer left the group “early last year“, his legacy continues to thrive, creating new fans on a daily basis.

Everyone holds certain memories that resonate with them throughout their lives. For some its their first childhood crush, for others its the day of their graduation. Dig deeper and you’ll find those who recall the first time they played a Traumprinz track. The ethereal nature of the artist’s production fosters an aura that awakens the inner essence of being. Listening to Traumpinz, in any transfiguration of his aliases, is ultimately a sacred experience, similar to such of listening to a fellow arcanum of Burial

Below is the selection of our favourite essentials. An empyrean synthesis of euphoric trance, deep house cuts and techno drums. The discography of Traumprinz is a catalogue of experiences facilitated by your context. Your own essential selections will by shaped by the memories you make, in the truest spirit of the artist’s intentions. Continue reading