DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part I (Deep In the Bowels Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) [TECH-HOUSE]

Unlike his ‘Raw Mix’, with it’s breaksy bass and wonky synths, MCDE's Bassline Dub of DJ Sprinkles 'Grand Central Part I' is a driving brutal tech-house 4/4 affair. This is a banger.

DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Part I (Deep In the Bowels Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub)

We all need our ‘insurance policy’ tracks. DJs playing this at 4am in a club, will boost of a verve jaded dance floor. Akin to Nitrous Oxide being pumped into a speeding Nissan GTR on The Fast & The Furious. Motor City Drum Ensemble provide just the treatment. This 2009’s release on Japanese label Mule Musiq was the first B side to DJ Sprinkles’ ‘Sisters, I Don’t Know What This World Is Coming To’. Deep House in nature, with the precision of a tech jam, its a compelling and incisive journey. Throughout, it is all encompassing, showcasing all hues of bass and mids as well as reminding us why MCDE is so revered in House and Disco circles.

Unlike his ‘Raw Mix’, with it’s breaksy bass and wonky synths, this is a driving brutal 4/4 affair. Carl Cox, Marcel Dettmann or Chris Leibing could’ve even sneaked it in a more darker set. It’s called a ‘Bassline Dub’ for a reason. The hats set a real pace, with MCDE using Einstein intelligence to warp them on the 8th beat. A dampened field recording of being right next to a Boeing 747 take flight, eloquently lifts the track off. Vaulting in like a Hummer landing after hitting a 45% ramp at speed, comes the bassline. Gargantuan and glorious, it’s panoramic dubs commands the listener to move. The way it filters in and out, and is delayed and echoed truly makes it an immersive trip. Over the top are drumstick-against-table like stabs. The breakdowns are cinematic, just leaving the percussive barebones, with ambient strings, and otherworldly charms found in a Visionquest track.

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Matrixxman – Initiation (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Matrixxman - Initiation (Original Mix) [TECHNO]
Matrixxman – Initiation (oRIGINAL MIX)

If you’ve ever seen one of Matrixxmans sets, you will know he loves to show the crowd why he’s got the word Matrix in his name. Certainly one for the journey, these are always unrelenting and pumping. Released in 2018 on Dekmental, ‘Initiation’ seems crafted as a perfect track for 5 mins into a set as though a space trooper has just accepted his mission to combat.

From the off, low end sepulchral bass chugs in like it’s engineered for the big room. Squelchy alarm like chords reverberate around the track severing as a warning signal, as though it’s an alarm bell rung by the Death Star in Star Wars. It’s sound it so piercing it will leave leaves the dancer shuddering with anticipation on proceedings of a set. Matrixxman is a fan of 90s sounds, and the melodic bleeps are reminiscent of Jaydee’s ‘Plastic Dreams‘ with it’s galactic leanings, as though one is peering out the side of the space station looking at the worlds beyond. Continue reading