Scorched Earth (Barac Interpretation) – Konrad Black [MINIMAL]

Scorched Earth (Barac's Interpretation) Konrad Black [TECHNO]
Scorched Earth (Barac’s Interpretation) – Konrad Black

Released on the more minimal minded Berlin based Meander Label, Romanian producer Barac delivers a delicious dancefloor ’Interpretation’ of Konrad Black’s Techno, Breakbeat and IDM concoctions. And that’s the thing – it seems to be an interpretation of the 3 tracks on the EP, making it extra special. The final result as says is ‘ a deep and hypnotic journey through space’. If you like hypnotic minimal, you will love this track.

Barac is one for using experimental sounds and still keeping them dancefloor ready. Streamlining and refining the grating low end of Sycho Te Alyn, on top of this a lot goes on. There are harpy charms, cricket noises, 16-Bit video game alarms, zips and bongos amongst other mystical noises. It’s packed yet all played in synergy and at the at the right time. It’s an incredible trip ‘down the rabbit hole’ kind of experience. All the while keeping in line with the original track’s experimental sounds with their use of field recordings. On top of this the epic cinematic strings from Sycho Te Alyn that seem to blanket all these noises. As though they descend from high to conduct the symphony, reminding it to keep in order with it’s restrained nature. Continue reading

DJ Different – Angels (Original Mix) [AMBIENT BREAKBEAT]

Artwork for DJ Different - Angels (Original Mix) Breakbeat track Angels

DJ Different – Angels (Original Mix)

Malmö based Swede DJ Different usually releases deep house records that sound closer to Ross From Friends than the Chemical Brothers. However, his latest release ‘Angels’ forms a bridge between the two. The soul of deep house, drawing influence from peak 1990s Moby, works immaculately with the intensity of breakbeat drums borrowed from Stanton Warriors, giving the persistent ambience a chance to radiate. This allows DJ Different to weave a terrain of trance mixed with moods of downtempo. Your feet and heart are inspired at the same time.

DJ Different – Angels justifies the artist’s name. Ultimately what you are getting is a breakbeat track at house track tempo. With such BPM, it would be a surprise to find that Bicep haven’t featured this gem in one of their recent sets. Transcending old skool jungle vibes that take inspiration from Future Sound Of London – this one’s guaranteed to command the dancefloor while unveiling a unique experience for the ravers who are part of it.