Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Warehouse Fool [DEEP HOUSE]

Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Warehouse Fool [DEEP HOUSE]. This is a banger.Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Warehouse Fool

Partners in life as well as partners in the Studio, Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod are a British born Berlin based duo. Known for their live acts featuring ethereal, woozy and just plain out there sounds this is no-nonsense after hours listening. Landing in 2012 under Visionquest, Warehouse Fool is the A-Side to their EP

It’s a track for rooms lit by candles and as such slithers in at a snails pace BPM. Crisper than Norwegian winter air the hats patter with nuance. Burton once informed RA ‘Kate brings a more musical element to the music. She’s always good at busting out melodies, chords and pads which I always found more difficult. I usually start things off with getting a good groove together.’ In light of this it’s Kate skills which takes centre stage. Similar to Daniel La Luz, Nina Kraviz or Dana Ruh, Kate is adept at using ghouled vocals. Elongated and airy they suit the environment with aplomb. A two note ambient synth is played in sync. Fading and echoing in and out are filtered rain drops. Recordings of spacecrafts taking off and landing help render this Alice In Wonderland Like world. The subtleness and erratic nature of these field noises apprehend the cerebral to send it off a cliff descending into an interstellar abyss. Continue reading

DHS – Watch The Sky (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

DHS - Watch The Sky (Original Mix) [TECHNO]
DHS – Watch The Sky

When you think of all time greatest Trap banger, Young Thug’s Check, Future’s Codeine Crazy or Migo’s Versace will all spring to mind. DHS’s ‘House of God‘ would have to be one of the most widely recognisable house & techno classics with more remixes and versions than Donald Trump’s lawsuits. ‘Watch the Sky’, a 2002 release, loses the functionality that made House of God such a functional trip, instead giving you a track so impressively imaginative. It cements a case for why many consider early 2000’s releases as groundbreaking times for experimentalism in the underground scene.

Radar pulses is the only constant in the beginning, radiating over the top of a chameleonic mix fussing indie rock drums which fade quickly in the a dubby bass, tapping triangles and drum rolls. Before your mind has the time to comprehend what is going on, a vocal sounding like Ron Burgundy tells everyone to ‘Watch The Sky’. Like a UFO popping straight out the cloud, wonky synths walk off the track like a drunken man in stumbling motion. More extraterrestrial high and low end shrills are added to this melting pot of a track truly giving the listener a palette of placed sounds crafted masterfully like a Leonardo De Vinci invention. Continue reading