Sublee – Where is Home (Question) [MINIMAL]

Sublee – Where is Home (Question)

Sublee, one of several Romanian Music shining lights reminds the dance world of Minimal’s potency. This track is one not only for the 5am dancefloor, but a stimulant for contemplation during downtime spent in the living room. Veering away from his recent run of Tech-tinged tracks, this a delicate, yet rolling, minimal bomb showcasing why he’s so revered.

And rolling seems to be the common theme here. Over the sub bass are plucked guitar bass strings looped over like a stream of pitched down rumbles of a helicopter blade. A constant and mumbled vocal sounds like a girl talking under the waterfall. It gives you a heady vibe, before the irresistible dreamy pads precede to slowly creep around the 5 min mark. All the way throughout the track the subtle kicks really help with proceedings. In the background you’ll find petite bleeps, and a noise reflecting an alternate reality’s watcher in the woods.

Like several of his contemporaries that are so mastered at painting a grand picture, with their slow building, meandering music that gives space for the notes to form entirely, Sublee makes a delightful composition for helping the mind wander.

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