Sublee – Adastra [TECH HOUSE]

Sublee – Adastra

Sublee is a supremely underrated, but supremely talented Romanian Producer and DJ well known by all minimal aficionado’s. Recently, more and more 90s influence has crept into the production of different styles with fluttery, pulsey synths, and break beat middle sections. In this track, the Romanian uses the former and delivers a cut that will help get dance floors flying.

As described on Phonica’s website, Adastra is ‘boasting troublesome low end bass lines with a twist of deep melodic grooves and sharp percussion’. The low end is energetic, and acts like a propulsion system to the track it’s carrying. Intersecting and twisting synths make the track seem like you’re in an F1 plane. Flying in and out of the clouds, swerving and turning at will.

It’s the perfect blend of ethereal, and downright groove. And as mentioned in our other review, the Romanian helps tracks breathe, fully letting this track to paint a picture of stratospheric bliss.

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