Steve Bug – Summer Nights (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Steve Bug – Summer Nights

Prolific Detroit deep house producer Rick Wade released a track called ‘Summer Nights‘ back in the day. It came 6 months after the Steve Bug version, and is equally review worthy. Typically groovy, jazzy and laced with his signature synths, it painted a picture of summer out on the town. Yet Steve Bug’s version, being so alien to his norm, gave it the nod however. The revered Pokerflat, Dessous and Audiomatique Recordings maverick is a final level boss. Being around from the start of the German techno scene, some of his most memorable releases were akin to Robert Hood’s early work. A Minimal trailblazer in the 2000’s as both DJ and Producer, his take on ‘Summer Night’s is built for parties celebrated under the Mediterranean sky.

Steve’s cuts such as ‘Loverboy‘ or ‘Painkiller‘ show he likes to keep things simple. Dashes of vocal keep the mind tripped, just like in ‘Summer Nights’. Echoed and slurred, the ‘duhs’ fit nicely with the percussion. The bongos are played at a pace to lock the party into an unhurried pace. Knowing his tracks, you’d expect some sort of mechanical bleep to come in. It completely detours from this assumption, to display a splay of synths, like seeing the sunrise at Purobeach Mallorca. It’s sandwiched between a melodic 4 note bassline, and a filtered harmonica which that harmonizes alongside. The way the track is formed, it certainly sounds inspired by those tracks found on Young Marco’s Dream House compilations. If the famed Air Texture compilations decided to do a deep house edition, then could just have this one track on it. Musically it’s a triumph.

The B side to Bug’s 2004 Ovum release, it still maintains his ethos of having a Unique Selling Point. Each cut of his never sounds the same, and ever more so on this. With its deep and glimmery poolside resonance, it feels like a cut you’ve heard before. The production makes it better however than what you thought you heard. DJs can build up to this, then drop to entrap the dancer in a sonic halycon. Discussing clubbing with Be.At TV he states “A lot of people want to be entertained instead of getting lost in the music, which I still think it should be about.” He backs that up in this track.