Sten – Take Me To The Fridge (Original Mix) [MINIMAL]

Sten – Take Me To The Fridge

Some of the best times in life is Discogs digging, as mentioned in this blog many a times before. Trawling through recently, I came across the penetrable ‘Get Me to The Funk‘ by Neik. As the sticky and sickly lyrics kicked in, I thought ‘Hmm… this I have heard before“. Though not featuring the same wording, the track was carbon copy in its delivery and phrasing of another. And it was none other than Sten’s ‘Take Me to The Fridge’. The producer better know for his Lawrence alias released the track back in 2006. Appearing first on an EP, it later came part of ‘The Essence‘, his follow up LP to 2004’s ‘Leaving The Frantic’. Take Me To The Fridge’ personifies all that his Sten persona has to offer – dark, stark and bloody catchy.

If you have been reading our site for awhile, you would know we have a deep affection for Dial releases. As such, the co-founder of the label needs not much of an introduction. Lawrence’s output on Dial is characterised by a melancholic smokiness, rather than the wistful ambiance found on his Smallville contributions. Speaking to KCTV, the producer claimed Sten to be his ‘techno’ moniker. As soon as the track begins you can see that he wasn’t lying. A sweet-as-candy lyric kicks right in with its monotone delight. Shadowy mumbles follow it closely just behind. The percussion work rotates freely back and forth, whooshing like windscreen wipers put on extreme speed mode. Signature piano keys are delicately plodded, before magical soundscapes sounding straight out of Disney’s Fantasia illuminate the track. It’s an incredible counter-balance between the spectral field recordings and extra terrestrial musings. Underpinning it all, is a bassline straight out of an early 90’s Detroit techno track such as 69’s ‘Desire‘, where clear inspiration is drawn from. With the added hats brought in halfway through to add final seasoning, it is a banger suitable for the dankest of dancefloors.

Lawrence’s placing in the the upper echelon of the underground can be credited to the irrepressible quality of his releases. This has seen him feature also on the labels he clearly influenced such as Giegling, Mule musiq, Ghostly and Sender. It’s his Sten releases which take the most straight-forward approach, incorporating that Hambergian sound to give it a nice twist. Though he hasn’t released under it for a while now, we really wouldn’t stand in his way if he tried to bring it back.

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