Son.Sine – Upekah [DEEP TECH]

Son.Sine – Upekah

Hailing from New Zealand, Son. Sine hides his face behind a handful number of releases. And all exhibit a masterful understanding of deep tech. ‘Upekah’ originally came out as a record back in 2000. However the track was revived as part of the EP release by the Dutch label Delsin in 2013.

The track has received support from the Italian techno-duo Mind Against and its easy to see why. Taking it its time, a cracking ambience guides a steady soft kick and layered mellow synths that follows the remainder of the track. The crackle is central to track even being sampled to sound like a clap around the 1:30 mark. For those who are patient, Dub tech is a rewarding genre offering sonically the right environment for introspective thought & self-reflection. Its eternal value rests in the fact that its production isn’t influenced by trends

A solid introduction to the sub-genre, this is the sort of track a young Ricardo Villalobos would be listening to while he was doing his homework.