Sedvs / Peel – Still On (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Sedvs / Peel – Still On

Trance is definitely back in the scene. Over the past few years, it has been creeping its way more and more into the sets of prominent techno DJs, who’ve previously played it with abandon prior to the minimal explosion of the mid-naughties. Like this track, more and more techno tracks are incorporating trance-like, euphoric elements, (Stephan Bodzin’s remix of The Beginning is a great example) helping bring more panned soundscapes to the minds of club goers. And its certainly clear as to why.

An eeriness to the track is certainly felt, kicking off with a minor key, alien like sub bass akin to that of Goa-Trance. The difference with these type of tracks and that of actual, pure Trance, is that there is no ‘peak’ breakdown of a track, and a subsequent drop. These elements made it easier for original trailblazers such as Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren, among others, to make an easy transition that followed the eruption of EDM.

Adding to the being-chased-by-other-spaceships-through-space kind of feeling the bass gives you are the layers on top of Robert Hood-like synth loops that keep you ticking along, and the heavily filtered droning noise that fit the last piece of the puzzle for this truly mind-melting track. A banger that you’d witness during the peak of the night at Berghain.

Play with caution.

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