Subb-an – Self Control (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Subb-an – Self Control

Subb-an has previously stated that his biggest inspiration in music is Ricardo Villalobos. Surely, on a reputation for enjoying a bit of a vibe, you can hear that inspiration in this track from the word go. Infectious vocals on Subb-an’s ‘Self Control’ make this One Records tech-house release an absolute bomb on the dance floor.

Starting off is a muddy, groovy bassline with the personification of the vocalist – it really does love itself, and knows how hypnotic it is. It’s the perfect relationship with the vocalist, at first chopped up, before proceeding to state ‘When I move my body, every body watches/when I move my body, everybody stops’.

This track has got the dancer in mind. Enticing one on the dance floor to show their self control and intention in every dance move they make. A few sprinklings of the off kilt bleeps helps keep you in, and once the hats drop, the energy brings a different force to the track as though you’ve hit a chicane at speed on the highway. The beauty of One Records releases is that they make the simple so devastatingly effective. And this track just backs that though.