Sascha Funke – Surumu (Original Mix) [NU-DISCO]

Sascha Funke – Surumu

Back in 2001 Sascha Funke remixed the 1980s pop track Bros’ ‘When Will I Be Famous’. The electro take of the original can be interpreted as a modus vivendi for the Berliner’s own career. With a first release ‘Campus’ on the now revered, Cologned-based Kompakt Records, Funke has managed to stay rooted in the German scene ever since. His most highlighted track ‘Mango’, a 7 minutes journey fitting for a late-night drive, was featured in Paul Kalkbrenner’s 2009 movie ‘Berlin Calling’ & received a phenomenal remix from DJ Koze. ‘Surumu’, an indie-disco trinket premiered by Deep House Amsterdam, is a strong contender to eclipse the successes of its predecessors.

Sasche’s relish of falsetto synth notes none seem more clearly than in his mother-label Bpitch Control release ‘Semi’. However ‘Surumu’, this year’s release on Hippie Dance, demonstrates evidence of the producer’s growing maturity. Previously industry-standard drum loops are superseded by an alluring gambol of drum arrangements and sporadic drops of bass.  The main dish, however, is the gamma-ray sounding chorus synth that takes the centre stage around the 2:30 min. Supporting are the choir pads, which could have sounded jacklegged elsewhere, effortlessly harmonize with its neighbouring components here. A real summer jam that is sure to undergird countless upcoming rooftop parties.

It got great attention prior its release due to a video featured on Track ID? that showed Dixon playing it. The crowd’s ecstatic reaction proved that the track was set to reach the masses. Since its June release, momentum keeps on growing at an accelerated pace. Andhim features it in their July Chart Even the more restrained Tale of Us found it a slot in their Cercle set based at the Aéroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The unwavering discowave scene will likewise continue to bolster its presence. With all this in mind, ‘Surumu’ is bound to be one of the soundtracks of this summer.