Route 8 – Dry Thoughts (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Route 8 – Dry Thoughts

Lobster Theremin associate Gergely Szilveszter Horváth, better known as Route 8, has been unearthing various strands of deep house ever since his Mental Murder EP came out in 2013. His intoxicating lo-fi release ‘I Can’t’ helped the subgenre gain momentum in its emergence & the eventual schism that formed its own separate identity. Yet, the Hungarian producer’s releases such as ‘Floating Dub‘ and the Traumprinz-inspired ‘The Sunrise In Her Eyes‘ show that he’s got a particular knack for downtempo tracks. ‘Dry Thoughts’ is a 2014 release from Asquith‘s label, embodying the Budapest DJ’s proficiency for nonchalant production which does not sacrifice its rhythm.

Upon first pressing play the listener is treated to a swift harmonious sample that sounds like it was taken from a 1930s Hollywood’s golden age classic. This precedes a low-cut filter drum loop that is combined with a modest white noise extract to create a crispy feel. The track title does contain the word ‘Dry’ after all. Such compression hands the spotlight to the bass that enters the picture to fill the frequencies with its delicate looping. In his interview with XLR8R Horváth claims that coming across L.I.E.S Steve Summers’ Beats In Space session inspired him to experiment in underground sounds. Summers’ adroitness to elevate a picked element to become the axis of the track is a craft Route 8 has evidently been influenced by. Abrupt male vocal samples serve its purpose as the accents to the percussion work, while a free-spirited pad broods in a radiant fashion. The depth provided here is inspired by the 1990s producer Dan Curtin, an author of futuristic albums that trialed the use of ambient in various forms of techno-electro. Whether played early on a frosty morning or late in the heat of the night, ‘Dry Thoughts’ keeps your head nodding along while evoking introversion.

Inverted Audio mix showcased Horváth’s fancy for homogenizing minimal cuts with more buoyant crate finds. This is mirrored in his production which is centered around a studio modus operandi that shows reverence for hardware. He claims to have an addiction for spending every spare cent on ‘synths and cables’. More recently, Horváth’s DJ Ciderman alias has opened up a lane for some disco-house output, with tracks like ‘Good Friend G‘ receiving endorsement from ColdCuts // HotWax. Meanwhile his Q3A identity has explored a more pounding side of spaced out electro under the guidance of Delsin Records. Horváth claims to have gradually evolved in his sound throughout the years, however, ‘Dry Thoughts’ is proof that the producer was a virtuoso from the start.

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