Roman IV (Roman Flügel) – Lucy (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Roman IV (Roman Flügel) – Lucy (Original Mix)

If credibility means producing the same track over and over again, I’d rather stay unpredictable’ Roman Flügel told Little White Earbuds. Producer hailing from Darmstadt is the definition of an allomorph. Ambient, Techno and psych-punk all feature in his fabric mix. Listening to his most recent Boiler Room mix, we were captivated as he incessantly played abstract tunes. His albums, released on Dial Records, Hypercolour and ESP INSTITUTE indicate a nomothetic inclination. These were a huge departure from his microhouse masterpieces released under his Soylent Green alias on Playhouse. This is a reflection of his career to date, with more aliases for his styles of production than a Mafia boss on the run. 2010 was a memorable year for Roman. ’How To Spread Lies’ was described by Pitchfork as ‘one of this decade’s most effective pairings of melancholy moods and dance-floor kinetics’. This release alongside ‘Brian La Bon‘ on Live at the Robert Johnson, made a powerful triumvirate with the return of his Roman IV alias on Running Back. It was first used by Roman back in 1995, resulting in a few releases on German label Ladomat 2000. This alias is used for his more ordered 4/4 cuts. On ‘Lucy’, Roman manages to forge another creative aberration within the musical landscape.

Flügel told Fact Magazine that his “education clearly antagonized everything that popular music stood for, not to mention techno. It was all about craftsmanship, discipline and attention to detail. This can all be heard in ‘Lucy’. Entering with all chips on the table, Roman fantasticated polyrhythmic composition. Running Back is a label that is synonymous with a more disco-influenced jack to it. ‘Sa Caleta‘, the B2 on the same EP ‘Lucy’ was released on, is a fine example. ‘Lucy’, is aesopian of such thinking bringing an ‘uh’ female vocal sample. A 2-step drum pattern tighter than a CIA security protocol impressively provides that added jack. It has more crunch than Dwayne Johnson bellyflopping into a pool of fresh Doritos. Featly, a descending seven note bass line plods away. It is a compelling contrast to the reverie brought about in the mids. A quadruple time synth flitters away, bringing a brumal feel to the dancefloor. The way it synergises with the echoing vocals in the background brings an extra nimbus of intrigue. Panoramic synths stabs warp in and out, shimmering at will like a teleport soundbite, gorgonizing the listener into infinity.

Our love affair for Roman Flügel began back in the day when Alter Ego’s ‘Rocker‘ was running the airwaves. A huge electro crossover, just like Gehts Noch? and Anthony Rother’s ‘Father‘. As Flügel remarks in his interview with THUMP, first and foremost he’s a fan of music. In his track ‘La Paloma‘, for example, he draws influence from an 1800’s Cuban ballad. Such seasoned understanding of music can be heard it in ‘Lucy’.