Rocco – Someday (Summer Duck Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Rocco – Someday (Summer Duck Mix)

The underground scene is often caricatured for its hedonistic culture. Often emblematised as the culture of unbounded liberties full of excess and substance abuse. You’d be forgiven to think this environment to be in direct contrast to the concept of church. Yet dig deeper and you’ll find an underlining heritage of spiritual hymns produced by the pioneers of house and techno. Just last year Robert Hood released an EP named ‘Let The Church’ under his Floorplan alias. Rocco’s ruminant track ‘Someday’ is another piece of the puzzle complementing the argument that underground music can offer a redemptive sermon in the form of dance.

The introduction carries phased out synths akin to Kerri Chandler’s signature sound. Robust kick is supported by a snare drum and a plucky bass that riffs, underpinning the groove. The gospel vocals simmer in and out in a wavelike manner. The leading female vocalist assures us that ‘Someday, We’ll all be Free’ while a unison choir sings in the background. The midsection breakdown filters out the drums allowing the choir to shine its celestial singing. 1990s inspired string pad provides guidance until the kick is brought back in. Fittingly, a tambourine is introduced in the final third to support the drums. An instrument that is often associated with the Southern Baptist congregation, its a great tribute to the track’s inspiration.

Spiritual Successor

The Summer Duck Mix is less heavyweight than the Klement Bonelli Remix of the original. However, as also seen on Rocco’s 2011 release ‘Saharien Child‘ (and also ‘Still Water‘), the DJ hailing from Lyon has a skill in ingraining the spirit of a culture into his production. Originally released in 2008 by Real Tone Records the track’s message, just like its refined production value, is eternal. Having previously stated in an interview that he began djing back in the late 1980s, Rocco is well acquainted with gospel-inspired house classics. Tracks like Barbara Tucker’s ‘I Get Lifted‘ & Underground Ministries ‘I Shall Not Be Moved‘ brought the pulpit to the dancefloor. The Summer Duck mix is a spiritual successor, reviving the jubilance of the classic house cuts. Luckily, the track’s inclusion in the Defected Miami 2018 Mix shows its potential to be become a regular inclusion in this summer sets. One thing is for sure, ‘Someday’ will take the most ungodly heathen to church.

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