Premiesku – Live at Neversea [MINIMAL MIX]

Neversea, like Sunwaves is the annual mecca for all Minimal Techno aficionados. Neighbouring the Black Sea, both festivals are in the beating heart of the scene Romania. Mixmag chronicles “the compelling power of Romanian minimal, a lean and intricate style popularised by frequent Ricardo Villalobos-collaborators RPR Soundsystem (Petre Inspirescu, Raresh and Rhadoo)”. It comes as no surprise therefore that the country has become the “staple in the planet’s finest dance parties, placing the nation firmly on the dance music map‘. This Premiesku set, recorded live by the Mixmag team in 2018 is a mirror reflection of such grand depiction. Celebrating the scene, the mix is infectiously groovy.

Livio, Roby & George G comprise Priemesku and bring an avant-garde perspective when it comes to the ‘Live’ performance DJs. Speaking with Electronic Groove they asserted to ‘really believe that a live act should be based on live jamming and using real instruments‘. Well these fellas take it to the supreme by designing three distinctive, custom-made hardware consoles. Each consists of parts from various machines that have been completely rewired, modified and re-patched. The recording first starts out with some intricate filtered synths and a muddied rolling bass. After some Chicago House influenced jams, at 16th minute comes their own release ‘And Other‘. It opens up with fluttering delayed horn stabs with echoed sonar sounds to create an epic soundscape.

On 27 minutes, a mysterious Rominimal cut brings an unbelievable apex with billowing synths and a punishing descending bassline. Taking the crowd on a right journey, the trio hit the convention with some Detroit style glitch that incorporates Deep House strings that say ‘hey we’re just passing by’. The mix finishes off with what sounds like a Sound Engineering student’s manifesto on why plonky and wonky is the only way to make music. We would unreservedly recommend this set to anyone who wants to be educated in sublime live music making done right by a crew who, like Ion Ludwig, form the crème de la crème of Live Minimal Techno.