Peter Van Hoesen – Face of Smoke (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Peter Van Hoesen – Face of Smoke

Face of Smoke by Peter Van Hoesen appears on Beatport Playlist ‘Berghain Mainroom Essentials’ and for good reason. The cavernous nature of this track seems perfect for Berghain’s aesthetic nature, minimal but barbarous. I first heard on the haunting and brooding Sandwell District’s Resident Advisor Podcast; it was a perfect fit with it’s sinister and shadowy nature. A snarling, yet perfectly engineered track it cannot be listened to on basic earphones to appreciate it completely.

Entering proceedings with a muddied but booming kick drum, jittery, off-kilt, and machine like twisted synths reverberate like a futuristic second-skin used by infantry as armour seen in fitting around it’s master for the first time. Swelling back and forth it’s darkly enchanting. Added to that is a two note Oriental low end wooden xylophone sound which sounds like it was recorded at a Tibetan monastery ritual. The flute over the top adds to the mystical top adds to the mystical vibe to the track.

Peter has a background in theatre sound design and stated ‘I’m very interested in the direction of sound in space. I find it very fascinating to hear how a certain sound has an impact on people in a certain space, in a certain setting.’  With this in mind you can tell he made Face of Smoke like he’s ensuring all parts of the listener’s ears are fully catered to. Also a useful tool to introduce your neighbour to your new speaker system.

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