Pele & Findling – Soul Kitchen (Nico Stojan Remix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Pele & Findling – Soul Kitchen (Nico Stojan Remix)

Nico Stojan has the ear to twist a pop culture track into an underground party artillery. His collaboration with Pele that produced ‘Stevia‘ combined a Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ sample with Latin American ballad vocals. Though he co-founded Ouïe Records with Acid Pauli, his fancy for antique samples differentiates him from Gretschmann’s psychedelic tinges. Turning a 1967 hit from The Doors into a tech-house tool though is an absolute tour de force. The DJ’s experience behind the Bar25 decks since the 90s have seasoned an unadulterated love for clean-cut house music.

‘Soul Kitchen’s unflinching energy that invigorates movement can be felt from inception. Crafted at a 123 BPM tempo, it falls in line between leisurely and pirouette. Stojan uses a reversed humming sample as an element of percussion to support the drum arrangements. The individual facets each deliver a crisp undertone. It as almost as if they are simultaneously dancing with each other. Extracts of vocal samples that range in pitching are layered with fidelity. Organ snippets, fade in and out to add some higher frequencies. Lurking in background throughout are the banal samples of people interacting in jubilant manner. The previously introduced organ now serves its purpose as the salient of the build up to the relapse into the groove that leads us home.

Drop this in the middle of a minimal, tech-house or soulful house set and you’ll be staring at a crowd full of gleeful faces. The energetic swing is reminiscent of DJ Sneak’s Henry Street Music Records classic ‘Show Me The Way’. The use of a sculpted hollow bassline however, categorises Nico Stojan’s remix as a tech-house track, as opposed to one inspired by the second wave of disco-house. The track shows one thing for sure, the Katermukke associate knows how to move a cro

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