Pawas – The Way Out (feat. Solly) (Original Mix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Pawas – The Way Out (feat. Solly)

The heady strains of deep house really can be used as a form of escapism. Cuts released by Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay’s ‘All Day I Dream‘ make the mind wander, designed for sitting in the park, surrounding your thoughts and ambience with impeccable wistful synths and emotive rhythms. ‘The Way Out’, a 2009 track by German Producer Pawas was release on a fittingly titled EP ‘Music for Lazy People’. A track that focuses the mind not to worry on what’s ahead, but enjoy the journey here and now.

Relaxed and graceful, the filtered and echoed chords really are as serene as possible painting a picture that the listener is located at 9pm at on a secluded Thai beach with the stars shining bright. This is enforced with the crickets humming away, and what sounds like field recordings of a crashing wave. A bouncing bass plods alongs there to keep a beat but avoiding the loudness trap that would steal the show off the chords. Filtered hats, which sound like they were drums sticks hit against plastic buckets float in and out, just like the high pitched vocal by Solly. It’s beautiful and perfectly matches the headiness of the chords. Half way through the track, Pawas drops the bass, and layers a whoosh on top of the chords bringing a truly euphoric moment like the listener has just left the ground.

Tracks like these can be perfect for sunset parties, and loosening up the crowd a bit with it’s heady vibe. Falko Brocksieper released a track which you could’ve added to the Music for Lazy People EP, and tracks like these add to that ‘I just want to relax and escape’ experience we can all crave at times. Pawas is a fine portrayer in this strain of deep house , and The Way Out is surely a signal to point people in the direction of a feel-good time.

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