Palms Trax – To Paradise (Original Mix) [ITALO-HOUSE]

Palms Trax – To Paradise

The Dekmantel official site describes Palms Trax as “the undisputed people‚Äôs champion” who brings the triad of “warmth, heart and a pinch of insouciance too“. Truly, it would be difficult to the imagine the festival’s 2019 line up without Jay Donaldson’s alias being placed near top. The vicious spirit of the annual event has been synonymous with the English DJ who’s energy and life-affirming approach to mixing has made him a fan-favourite. His 2019 Dekmantel release ‘To Paradise’ is the latest chapter of Palm’s varicoloured catalogue. Reflective of the festival’s main stage sound, there is no question of a doubt that the Dutch collective have fully adopted the Englishman into the family.

Boomkat calls the track a “deep Euro house-style jacker“. Resident Advisor options for a “throwback Italo-infused house record” description. The serotonin-pumping multi-layering of shrilling melodies accompany the meeker interpretation of the drum looping you’d expect from a Rush Hour release. Considering Donaldson’s father is a “fan of Maurice Fulton“, it comes as no surprise that his soon has a knack for the good vibes that carry soul. In interview with DJ Broadcast, Palms describes Talking Heads’ ‘Remain in Light’ as being one of his favourite albums of all time. Drawing influence from the band-associated decade, an archetypical 1980s bassline becomes the focal point of ‘To Paradise’. Its ever-changing levels of intensity and chord-progression breathes it life of its own. The producer’s blues & jazz upbringing trickles down in the continues evolution of the track. Though mastered with magnificence, the analogue elements are recognisable. You can almost imagine Palms performing it live on a vintage Casio keyboard. Although, such concept for the official video of the track can only bring a smile to your face. The outro of the song fades into a sun-kissed ambient outro that spellbinds the listener for almost two minutes. In such finesse conclusion, the seventh level of heaven is reached.

Palm’s first release Equation EP was distributed by Lobster Thermin, a label know for its more introspective House cuts. It might come as a surprise therefore that his most recent productions cater for a larger crowd. However, the adventurous, carefree sound of his production is reflective of his journey as a DJ. Landing a chance internship at London’s Phonica Records, granted him the opportunity to crate-dig full-time. Swapping the UK for Berlin in the mid-2010s, his pursuit for venture has lead him to the top of the European Underground scene. Palms Trax is a metamorphic character, and tracks like ‘To Paradise’ is a testa