Mountain People – 6.3 [DEEP HOUSE]

Mountain People – 6.3

6.3, a 2008 digital only release on their own label, remind one that Swiss Mountain People surely must be in the top 5 of Deep House music producers. Always consistent, and carrying a dancefloor minded boogie. We’ve seen both Fred P and Youandewan drop 11.2 at The Pickle Factory and let’s just say the crowd didn’t know what hit the. The low slung nature of their productions make the listener feel hazily relaxed. Use of synths however show their mastery at piercing the deepest depths of ones mind.

Gorgeous and petite kick drums sound straight out the school of Matthew Herbert, and are classy yet understated knowing it’s position on the team just as a comms master in a spy thriller. On a team however, just like LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, there’s always the ‘main attraction’. The synth is so beautiful it’s like a lovechild of all winning Victoria Secret models in one. Regal and grandeur it sweeps across your ears like an eagle high up in the alps from one mountain to the next. The sound design is so serene but it get it’s edge from it’s zippy nature. Invigorating. Mystic pads are sprinkled over the top to ensure this cut has a ‘watcher in the woods’ feel. Spooky.

Swiss people seem to produce some of the worlds finest goods. In the same vain as most other Swiss underground electronic producers such as Chaton, Agnes or Quenum, Mountain People adopt a restrained nature that like their compatriots delivers goods that are refined, premium and timeless.

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