Marco Tegui & Manos – You (Silkast Remix) [DEEP HOUSE]

Marco Tegui & Manos – You (Silkast Remix)

With the Ibiza season coming into force, we’re paying homage to a real summer essential. Marco Tegui & Manos bridge the gap between the euphonious and a bass-heavy sound. For such reason we can easily imagine it enrapturing the hearts and feet of Amnesia Terrace dancers. A rooftop party set at sunset feels like the most pertinent setting for this Silkast remix released in 2013. Miami-based MLP record label unearthed a real gemstone with this banger.

This interpretation of the track amplifies the potency of the original which is much more confined. At the same time its less psychadelic than the Wonderklubb Remix. The bassline thumps like a Haka dance from the get-go. In such, you can imagine this lifting the atmosphere as its delicately mixed into the set. Amorous synths swim around playfully like Maui dolphins chasing the trail of a yacht. All is done with a charmed touch.

The overall sound is entrancing, background vocals bursting ‘Too Bad’ like falling stars on an August night sky. Owners of top-tiered headphones are rewarded with soundscapes that are simply mesmerising. The singing is melancholy yet luscious, with the male vocalist repeating “All that I want – no sound.” Never has a pursuit for solitude sounded so inviting. One thing is for sure, this remix is a hot summer night serenade for the pilgrims of the Ibiza saints.

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