Maceo Plex – Your Style (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

Maceo Plex – Your Style

Cuban-American producer Maceo Plex’s comeuppance in 2011 was well deserved. It came as a serious surprise after crate diggers saw years of producing techno bangers under his Maetrik monkier. It was a full 180 degree turn. Dropping sleazy deep and tech house on his Life Index EP, Crosstown Rebels seemed the perfect label. We first heard this cut on a Catz N Dogz podcast in Jan 2011, and were instantly blown away by it’s slinkiness and the precision in mixing. A sexy cut, it was one certainly curated for the lovers.

This though it certainly emboldened by the vocals. After stating, ‘Desperate for your love, I can’t sleep/I got all the love that you need’, the hook infectiously repeats ‘Girl I love Your Style.’ Spoken in a sordid manner, it is brilliantly supported by the heavy panting placed in synchronisation with the mid-range sounds. Wisps of air plume alongside airy synth stabs reserved for marbled fashion house hallway music. These plumes are like the steam blowing from a pressured factory valve, adding to the steaminess of the track. Maceo Plex’s tracks tend to use heavy mids, and use them for the melody like on ‘Mirror Me’. On ‘Conjure Dream‘, the jittery low mids in conjunction with the sweeping synths show just how in a different way. For  Your Style’, it was very fitting for the time with it’s plonkiness yet tough and uncompromising style. No wonder it was released on Crosstown Rebels with that similar funk heard on Jamie Jones’ ‘Hungry For The Power’ remix. In keeping with his ethos of keeping this a bit sci fi, laser beams flutter in and out. It is because of this that the track could also be a warehouse party weapon.

2009 was when ‘Vibe Your Love‘ started doing the rounds, and Maceo was noted as one to look out for. It was a track made for his love of his wife, and people noted it was a track that was ‘one for the ladies’. It was made at a time when House was having a renaissance of sorts culminating with it’s burst at the beginning of 2011 with the Visionquest, Hot Creations & Crosstown Rebels Triumvirate. According to Maceo, ‘I was trying to make a newer, fresher, futuristic type of house with a lot of romance but with a lot of new sounds you don’t normally hear in house’. An emblem of this production template ‘Your Style’ is a track made by a man at his peak.

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