Joy Kitikonti – Joyenergizer (Physical Mix) [TECHNO/HARD TRANCE]

Made in 2001 Joy Kitikonti’s Joyenergizer, is a joy to behold. Normally, Hardcore and Dutch Hardstyle genres have been deemed to be a gateway to EDM. Yet there’s still a raw energy in its essence that is to be loved. Techno DJ’s of late have been incorporating tracks with elements of such ”Harder” styles into their sets. A ‘Hard Trance’ track, according to discogs, I’ve witnessed this track played pitched down twice now in 2018 by Pan-Pot smack bang in the middle of their set, as well as by Amelie Lens. The bare power of this banger absolutely obliterate the place both times.

Huge kickdrums are surrounded by wallops of filtered echoed synths, bouncing back and forth like the shoppers in the early hours of Black Friday sales at Walmart. At first it might sound shoddy, something in the stem of Darude, Scooter or Showtek. But the mastering makes it sound tight enough to give it real momentous energy. Then the track starts raining acid zips. Adding these to the track give it a real deranged feeling, leaving one thinking Joy is cruel for brainwashing you with such soundwaves. At the breakdown, the track winds up ready to be unleashed like the mosquito as depicted in the official video. This can only send the listener into hysterics.

Yes, it does sound different, but played in the right setting ‘Joyenergizer’ will ensure all hell breaks loose on the dance floor. If you’re not up for a rave, this is also a great substitute for your morning alarm or the theme of your gym soundtrack.

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