John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls) [TECH-HOUSE]

John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls) (Original Mix)

John Tejada has released a slew of hits (Mono On Mono, Torque, Unstable Condition to name a few) over the years, of all different varieties. This classic he released in 2004 was a druggy, acid tinged cut (Certainly a precursor to the druggy vibes of Hot Creations/Visionquest bangers of the early 10’s). Upon first listen it flung me into an immersive realm of sticky-floored-House-partyness and is sure to make any dance music tinged gathering that little bit more fun.

Simple, poppy synth stabs kick the track off giving it a very fun feeling. The vocal is sexy, asking the listener ‘What is it that brings you here?’. Well I certainly know what keeps me here, and that is the absolutely tasty acid-lick stabs that give the track some thrustful energy 60 seconds in. The track also offers some great break downs, with real melodic bass, and filtered acid finishing the track off.

This is a bonafide party track, and a bonafide banger. ‘There was sweat all over the walls‘ the vocalist proclaims as she describes the party. And there certainly was at the parties I’ve played this at.

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