Jobe – Lissome (Original Mix) [PROGRESSIVE TECHNO]

Newcastle-raised DJ & producer Jobe has been laying low on the edges of the progressive techno upheaval that has taken momentum over the last two years within the underground scene. I’ve come across his productions due to my occasional listens of the Berlin-based STEYOYOKE Podcasts. These offer an hour set of melodic, so called Ethereal Techno.  It seems that here has finally found home, contributing to several releases which compliment his style well. We wonder what could have been had the producer made the move to settle in Germany a few years earlier.

The choice for title of the track is deliberately elaborate, Lissome being a synonym for ‘limber’ or ‘elegance’. This is a fair reflection of the structure of the track that is locked in barrel, never really pulling the trigger. You’ll find no big drop, or room-filling bass. Instead, the track gives centre to a delicate, empyrean melody loop that is given an uplift by a simple bassline halfway through. The track never begs for your attention, instead inviting you to join in this serene circle of dance. This would fit smoothly in any given Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label night.  

The progressive, ethereal techno dominance is nearing its saturation. For this reason Lissome will not be the catalyst of change for the underground scene. It will most likely also only reach a limited audience of hardcore fans. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear this track appearing late in an August set of your favourite DJ. Yet, for those who discover it, it will be a little gem they will treasure.

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