Model 500 – I Wanna Be There (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Model 500 – I Wanna Be There (Original Mix)

Juan Atkins’ Model 500 project is one that is not just an alias, but an alias that embodies the culture and concept of classic Detroit techno with its futuristic leanings. Released in 1996 on R&S records it is one that just does not get old, with it’s infectious vocals and it’s journeying through a year 4000 city-world feeling some Techno tracks can give you.

Cruising at pace, it’s airy synths that swell around the simple bass line don’t seem top filling at first, but this is deceptive through the way that it’s filtered. It is like a space ship corkscrewing, and by this giving it a real momentous force. For Model 500, Juan does his own vocals. The looping vocal tells the listener ‘I wanna be there, be with you’ validates the track sounding as though it is trying to get to get to it’s destination at rapid speed. Wooden flute sounds flutter in and out, adding an extra layer of Detroit musicality to the track with it’s jazziness. It’s very heady, helping the track feel a sense of freedom like the space craft is weaving and out of the city scape.

Juan has stated that he was influenced by Synth-Pop bands, and this can be felt in ‘I Wanna Be There’. There was probably a bit of an over saturation of Detroit Techno during the 90s but Juans mastery of the Korg, as well as tackling the much maligned-at-the-time TR808 exudes class raising it to another level above the rest. As the Godfather of Techno, it’s great to see that with tracks like these it’s not just about heads down groove, but still feeling and emotion within a Galactic soundprint.

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