Gregor Tresher – Goliath (Original Mix) [TECHNO]

Gregor Tresher – Goliath

This Gregor Tresher track and Goliath from the bible both have one thing in common – they’re frightening giants. You can see why this track EP released in 2015 on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records has a slingshot on its cover. Like David used it against Goliath, this weapon of a track when flung at a crowd is like an asteroid crashing at Earth with such force there’s no way of stopping it. Its akin to trying to stop a raging bull while being stuck in a straight jacket.

Starting of, a head bumping kick drum with hats that sound like they’re being played by Metallica. Already you are able to feel you’re in for a fist-pumping time. The lower mids are quite grating, like a sheet of tin being swung in the air at force. Almost like some bass strings on an off guitar being strum. The Samuel L Jackson of the show however, is the full-brimmed electro line that slowly sweeps in. It demonstrates it’s force like a giant swatting away all before it has a chance to breathe. The melody is ferocious, and before the break down swelling horns kick in as though a Roman centurion is being celebrated for killing his enemy in a coliseum. Finally, the electro line then kicks back in swarming around like a wasp hive that has just been attacked with a flamming jackhammer.

Just check out Richie Hawtin using this track – it is devastatingly sending the crowd into oblivion. This track really is a monged out missile sure to bring peacetime shenanigans.

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