Green Grass – Lonely (Original Mix) [TECH-HOUSE]

‏Green Grass – Lonely (Original Mix)

This track is super-rare, we could only trace it down to a single YouTube channel dedicated to underrated house gems. If the production sounds like a track from the rave era then its probably because this is actually a 1994 release, as part of the Lonely Tribe / Ambidextrous 12″ record.

Produced by a duo consisting of Fabric resident Nathan Coles & legendary Terry Francis himself, ‘Lonely’ doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s probably the best thing about this banger. Simple chord progression that is flirtatiously sprightly, supported by clarion secondary synths and deep pass. Combining all the necessary ingredients for a successful house track, ‘Lonely’ carries a charisma that is infectious.

You can definitely see this being played at peak hour in Room 2 at Corsica Studios. There’s a bit of Pleasurekraft vibes coming of the track, in particular the ‘Got A Feeling’ edit of the German DJ duo. This would also fit nicely in a Catz n Dogz summer set too. If you’re eagerly waiting to get your weekend started with a vibe, then ‘Lonely’ is the one to do it.

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