Glenn Underground – House Music Will Never Die (Glenn’s Afro Dub) [HOUSE]

Glenn Underground – House Music Will Never Die (Glenn’s Afro Dub)

As the producer’s name suggests, Glenn Underground breathes for the underground scene. A descendant from the local pioneers such as Larry Heard and Lil’ Louis, he has taken the mantle of preserving the soul of House. ‘House Music Will Never Die’ is a heartwarming tribute to the dancefloors of The Warehouse, an anthem for the streets once ruled by Frankie Knuckles.

From the intro, clanging hats and cowbells pave the red carpet for the hefty synthesis of a robust kick & an eminent subbass progression. The power of dubbed bass gives the sound an elevated tier of thump. The super low ends that you’d find in a dub mix contrasts with the higher range in the melody. Paying his dues to the genre’s history, Chicago-born Cei Bei sings:

‘Originating from Chi-Town, House Music will never die.’  

The singer often produces songs with lyrics that carry the essence of the early House music community. In ‘Dance Tonight’ he shouts out major world cities from the hotspot of Chicago. All is done with a sense of a virtuous spirit of fellowship immune from material greed. It is all about the music. Bei has previously collaborated with key players in the Illinois scene including Ron Trent, DJ Pap & Abicah Soul. His ability to combine serene with the vibrant vocally is transparent in Glenn’s Afro Dub here which gold-plates the production. Once the soft pads glissade in, the comfort of the melody invites accompanying deep house keys to the party. A guitarist solo also gets its shine, strumming in unison to the beat of the underlining drum. The track is an admixture of soul, gospel & jazz under the umbrella of House.

Released in 1996 on Cajual Records, a label run by Green Velvet, ‘House Music Will Never Die’ is song carrying a legacy. With the track being called an ‘Afro Dub’ makes it unique being able to show sparse cranking low end, interpolated with the Afrocentricity of the jazz elements. It has the the ability to demolish the dancefloor whilst keeping a worldly vibe. You can imagine it equally being sung along to by a single mum in her kitchen as you can by a seasoned club crowd. An immaculate homage to the scene. House music will never die.

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